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Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 7.50

Combat Flight Simulator 3 changes its scenario, now it takes us to Europe.
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Combat Flight Simulator 3, changes its scenario, now it takes us to the European theater of operations in Full World War II. It is an excellent choice because at that location and historical period reached its highest expression of the classic aviation war combat.
In Combat Flight Simulator 3 we will have the opportunity to control both fighters and bombers as well as we can occupy the positions of the gunners. Altogether we have 18 different aircraft models with certain variants including up to a total of 34 possible flight versions.

The menu structure is simple and gives us options through pull-down menus. The appearance of the aircraft does not show significant improvements in comparison with previous versions, except on aircraft´s damages which now looks more realistic than on the other.

The general outline of the game is the usual: immediate and historical flights missions, the novelty is the option to play a full campaign as a pilot for years. This type of campaign is somewhat interesting since it is not limited to ensure one flight after another but includes a very entertaining dose of long-term strategy.

María Noel Balla
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  • You can be a war pilot in the Full World War II


  • You should pay for it before you can play
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